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Ūrban Style cut​

Characterized by the contrast and shape of the fade on the side of the head. With sharp detailed line trim at the temple area, above the ears, and the back neck line. On the top of the top, intricate cutting and texturizing techniques are used to achieve maximum movement. Last, but not least. The blow dry and style. Which brings all the stylish elements together.

Urban Style

Urban Style

Urban Style

Urban Style


Clean Up

A "Clean Up" focuses on tightening up your sides and line time, which will keep you looking fresh for longer. The "Clean Up" is meant to complement the "Urban Style".

All Natural

All Natural

All Natural

All Natural



After my cut by Ramsey, I now know what it feels like to be the center of attention.

If you're reading this and you've already used Ramsey before, then you're probably a handsome SOB already. If you're still searching for the best haircut and you need to look your absolute best, book now. 

Ramsey will be the last barber you ever search for.

- Aaron I.

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Are you looking for a haircut that defines you? When you choose Ramsey Armstrong, you will find a San Francisco barber that has the experience and skill to provide the modern hairstyle you want. From cutting-edge styles to something more traditional, you will get a haircut that makes you proud.

With ten years of experience, he is a barber that understands how your hair and head’s shape work together to create a stunning look. Find your confidence with a haircut that’s tailored to you. 


Men's Haircuts

and Styling

Urban Hairstyles





When I cut hair, my goal is simple: to make you more confident. I feel that a great haircut is a gateway for anyone to gain confidence. The rest has to do with the conversation that you and I share in the chair.

As a problem solver, I like to learn about people and help them achieve their fullest potential. What better environment is there for me to do that than in a barbershop as a barber? In my experience, I've come to understand that by being yourself to your fullest you're able to achieve better results in anything you do. You just have to find the confidence. Getting a good haircut provides much of the needed boost to get it. I don’t believe that cash is king. I think that confidence is king, and when you have it, the world is yours my friend.


By styling all textures and types of men’s hair, I’m able to create different styles that cater to all ethnic backgrounds, allowing clients to look and feel their best. I like to cut and style all textures of hair, whether it is an urban clipper cut with a precision razor line up or a longer, hip hairstyle with texture on the top, leaving a natural hairline on the sides. My favorite technique, however, is a combination of both urban and hip hairstyles, which creates a cutting-edge style. Eventually, that's what I see myself transitioning to - providing fusion specialty hairstyling.


Your Usher of Confidence,


Ramsey West Armstrong


Make an appointment for your new hair style. You won’t be disappointed.

SUBTRACTION is located at: 

940 Geary St. San Francisco, CA 94109

Please note that:

* We Do NOT schedule appointments over the phone

* we Do NOT take Cash



You’re most likely wondering why I would decide to work in San Francisco with the hours long trek from Sacramento to cut hair. I get the question a lot. For me, the answer is simple. I am the type of the person that likes to see things for myself, and I want to see what make the city tick. Getting to do that from behind the barber’s chair allows for a different perspective. I’m able to interact and connect with people in a way I couldn’t do otherwise.

Another reason for coming to work in a San Francisco barbershop was to prove to myself that I can work and survive in a big city. I believed that if I could build a business in the hair industry in SF, I could do it anywhere.

Working in San Francisco has exceeded all my expectations, giving me a reason to stay. Here, I’m able to grow as a person and a businessman. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. While the constant bustling through the city may be too much for some, it fascinates me, fueling my imagination. There’s never a dull moment and always something to think about.

Because of this experience, I have stayed in SF to work as a barber, remaining loyal to my clientele and the city. This SF barber can’t wait to see that the future holds.



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